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About Us

Caproni Family Sugarbush is a family run maple sugaring operation out of North Adams Massachusetts which produces maple syrup, maple candy and maple cream.  We have been producing maple syrup for over a half a century and are proud members of the Massachusetts Maple Producer Association.

Our Family

Caproni Family Sugarbush has been producing maple syrup for over 50 years.  Alfred Caproni started tapping maple trees in the 1960's and it has been a family affair ever since.   Over the decades Alfred's sons have taken on more of the workload in the sugarbush and in the sugarhouse.  Greg Caproni manages the sugarbush and is our family's master boiler in the sugarhouse while Chris Caproni is our bottling and packaging master.  Wife Mary Ann creates and packages our maple confections.  Granddaughters Abby Kate, Ella, Quinelle and Sawyer enjoy sampling the sap straight from the trees as well as helping test every batch of maple syrup and maple candies.  

Our Sugarhouse
Our Sugarbush

Caproni Family Sugarbush is located in the rolling hills of northern Berkshire County in western Massachusetts.  Our sugarbush is a mix of old school traditions and modern technologies where we have metal buckets hanging on maple trees next to a high efficiency vacuum tubing system.  

Our Products

Caproni Family Sugarbush produces a variety of maple products.  Our main product is 100% pure Massachusetts made Maple Syrup.  We also produce 100% pure Maple candy, Maple cream and Maple sugar.  

Caproni Family Sugarbush's sugarhouse was built many years ago with family and friends in mind.  Over the years we have improved our boiling system with a high efficiency evaporator and arch. During boiling season there are always family, friends, and neighbors dropping by to collect the sap, stoke the fire and sample the final product.  Please contact us if you ever want a tour on how maple syrup is made.  

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